Guided Ranger Activities

Covering topics such as geology, plants, animals and human history, ranger-led activities enhance visitors’ understanding and enjoyment of Zion National Park. Regular programs commence in April and end in September, with limited activities available during the off-season on holiday weekends.

The following are some of Zion’s popular guided ranger activities:Name

Guided Hikes – one- or two-mile journeys offering spectacular scenery, as well as interesting information on subjects such as how the park’s towering formations were formed, how humans have affected the park, and how the park’s flora and fauna have adapted to the desert environment.

Wheelchair Accessible Patio Talks –   20 - 30 minute talks on the patio of the Zion History Museum that cover topics ranging from the history of Zion and other national parks’ establishments to the motivation of the climbers who flock to Zion every year.

Wheelchair Accessible Evening Programs –  45-minute presentations held at the campground amphitheater and Zion Lodge that expound on subjects ranging from the Civilian Conservation Corps to the park’s endangered animal species.

Wheelchair Accessible Ride with the Ranger Shuttle Tours –  90-minute ranger-guided rides up and down Zion Canyon conducted every day at 9:00 a.m., starting from the Zion Canyon Visitor Center. Free tickets for the ride are available 24 hours in advance at the visitor center’s information desk.

Wheelchair Accessible Drop-In Programs –  Join a park ranger at any point between the times listed in the program scedule to learn more about a variety of subjects. You are welcome to stop by for just a minute or stay for an hour.

Junior Ranger Program –Children ages 6 to 12 can earn a badge or patch by completing the Junior Ranger Handbook, available for free at park bookstores, and attending at least one rager-led program. Children ages 5 and younger can earn a pin by completing the Lil'Junior Ranger Activity Sheet, available for freee at visitor centeres and the Zion Human History Museum.

Contact the visitor center for the exact schedule of all of these activities.

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