Canyon Overlook Trail


CC - Ken Lund Flikr

Distance: 1 mile (round trip)
Trail type: Up and back
Elevation Change: 163 feet
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty rating: Moderate

This ideal family hike leads to a spectacular view of lower Zion Canyon’s towering formations, including West Temple, the Towers of the Virgin and the Streaked Wall, as well as the switchbacks of the Zion-Mt. Caramel Highway and the windows of the 1.1-mile Zion-Mt. Caramel Tunnel. The trail offers hikers a high vantage point (5,300 feet) without a strenuous climb. Along the trail, hikers catch a glimpse of Pine Creek Canyon, a popular spot for rappelling and a rock overhang featuring maidenhair fern. The trailhead is located at the end of the tunnel closest to the park’s east entrance.

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