Zion Biking & Cycling

zion national park biking | biking in zion national park | biking zion national parkBiking in Zion National Park is like biking in paradise. The beautiful and dramatic red and pink mountains and green desert plant life will make a normal bike ride incredible; hopefully, it won't wreck the pleasure of a "typical" bike riding route that lacks Zion National Park's scenery. Here biking is a popular activity because many people prefer riding a bike up Zion Canyon instead of using the park shuttle. People also enjoy biking in Kolob Canyon and on the Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway.

Fortunately, all types of bikers will enjoy the Zion National Park area. Mountain bikers will pick up some red dirt or traverse slickrock. Fitness buffs will dampen their bike shorts with sweat while riding their road bikes. Finally, everyone else will enjoy a leisurely ride on a comfort bike that can be rented nearby.

Below is a list of Zion Mountain Biking or Cycling outfitters and other resources. These companies can provide everything from rentals, to shuttle services to repairs.

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