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Tuachan Amphitheater

While the main draw to Zion National Park is its dramatic scenery, there are many other attractions to the area. For instance, within the close vicinity of the park are several entertainment options. These include Broadway plays in the desert, live musical entertainment, and Western fun.

  • Tuacahn Amphitheater
    If you plan on being in the Southwestern Utah region this Summer - you can't miss the world-class entertainment available at the Tuacahn Amphitheater located just north of St. George, Utah. Spectacular outdoor musical with a backdrop of red sandstone cliffs reaching 1500 high.
  • O. C. Tanner Amphitheater
    This 2000 seat amphitheater is the entertainment center of the Zion National Park area in Springdale. In the summer many musical acts perform here. These acts specialize in many genres, including Folk, Celtic, and Jazz. For more information visit the O.C. Tanner Amphitheater page at Springdale's TravelWest.net site.
  • The Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre
    Beyond the beauty of the national park, you can watch movies on one of the largest movie screens in the world near the entrance of Zion National Park. The Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre in Springdale also screens Zion Canyon: Treasure of the Gods on the largest screen in Utah at 60 by 82 feet.

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