Zion Golf

Zion GolfingGolf does not have to be a seasonal sport, and that is why Southwestern Utah is well-known for its golfing -- particularly with the Red Rock Golf Trail, a collective of courses, hotels, and entertainment venues that offer vacation packages. The warm climate allows golfers to enjoy the sport year round, even during the middle of winter. There are more than ten golf courses in nearby St. George that offer a wide range of amenities, challenges, and fun. For more information about area golf courses visit Golf Southwest - a guide dedicated to golf in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

Though any full size golf courses might be 45 minutes from Zion National Park, there is a Mini-Golf course available close by. At Zion Ponderosa Resort, there is a full 18 hole mini-golf course waiting for you and your family to enjoy. With Zion Ponderosa also being on the higher elevation east side of the park, you'll also feel the nice cooler tempuratures to make for a perfect game of .... mini-golf.

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