Zion Guided Tours

Zion National Park and its surrounding areas are full of territory that is worthy of exploration. However, because there is so much land to cover and amazing things to see you might miss some of the most spectacular parts. To help you get the most out of your Zion National Park vacation you might consider taking part in a guided tour. Of course because this is Zion National Park some "guided tours" are not what you might expect. Your tour might include repelling down into a fifty-foot slot canyon, or scaling a sandstone rock face or even riding in a jeep or ATV over golden sandunes. Of course there are the traditional tours too. There is something for everyone to experience in Zion Canyon! Check out the tour providers below. They offer everything from the traditional tour a literal “walk on the edge” tour. Whatever you do, you are sure to enjoy what you see and keep those experiences throughout your lifetime!

Scenic Tours


Guided ATV or Jeep Tours


Guided Horseback Tours


Arial or Helicopter Tours

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