Pine Valley Utah

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Have you ever been to the Pine Valley mountains in Utah? If you’ve been to St George Utah and looked northward to the towering mountains then you’ve seen them. The beautiful peaks that add such a variety to the red landscapes of Saint George and surrounding areas is marvelous.

Photo Credit: by charrabbit on reddit

There are several ways to access the trails that go up into the Pine Valley mountains. It’s a designated wilderness area so there are no motorized vehicles allowed. So it’s either hoofin it, or riding a horse who’s hoofin in for you.

This image was captured in the center of Pine Valley, where they have a little reservoir and stream that is very popular. There’s a paved walking path, campgrounds and fishing available in that reservoir.

Definitely worth a trip to see it. The valley below the mountains is one of the most picturesque little towns in all of Utah. With homes and cabins dotting the landscape below the towering peaks above.

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