Indian Remnants in the Grand

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To think that this place is just down the road from me makes me both happy and sad. It makes me happy because I understand that I live in an incredible place full of wonderful things to both see and do. But sad because I’m reminded on how little I’ve actually been able to see and do. I have to count myself lucky though, I’ve been able to hike and rappel down some of the prettiest places this world has to offer.

What is it about indian ruins that are so intriguing to us? Probably because they offer us some glimpse into the past. Some idea, some view (though incredibly hazy) of what our ancient inhabitants did and how they lived.

This is an fantastic image that shows you both the grandeur of the Grand and the mystery of the ancient indians.

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Clay Hunter is an outdoor evangelist. He's spent considerable time in the outdoors cayoneering, hiking, backpacking and river rafting. He counts himself incredibly lucky to have had the chance to experience much of southern and eastern Utah through his travels.

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