Mountain Biking in Moab

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How many of you have had the chance to go mountain biking in Moab Utah? If you haven’t then this image will make you wish you had, and hopefully help you make some goals to get it done. There are incredible places to go and ride that will make you not believe what you’re riding through.

Some of the trails will take you to places with sheer cliff walls overlooking Arches National Park in the distance. Some will challenge you as you descend through the slick-rock. But in the end you’ll be so happy you made the trip.

Moab Utah is one of my favorite places to visit. From mountain biking, to hiking, to river rafting, there’s just so much to do over there.

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Clay Hunter is an outdoor evangelist. He's spent considerable time in the outdoors cayoneering, hiking, backpacking and river rafting. He counts himself incredibly lucky to have had the chance to experience much of southern and eastern Utah through his travels.

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