St George Horseback Riding

Some of Southwestern Utah's most well-known personalities, like Butch Cassidy, traveled throughout this region on horseback. They, like you, will enjoy the beauty of the desert landscape. It is full of wildflower blooms, green Pinion trees, and wildlife scurrying about.

St. George provides a great variety of places to explore on horseback. There are many surrounding mountains, canyons, and meadows easily accessible to horses. Going by horseback is advantageous because you can avoid tired feet. While horses can cover a lot of ground, they can go slow enough that you have time to fully appreciate your journey as it occurs.

Horseback riding is a popular activity among St. George residents, and many are very knowledgeable about where to go. Numerous companies in the town also cater to tourists who want to horseback ride by selling and renting equipment while offering stable space and knowledgeable guides.

Horseback Riding Companies:Horseback riding in St.George

Bryce Canyon

Zion National Park


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