Windows into Zion

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Zion is vast, sitting at 229 sq miles. So most of it you’ll never see. You’ve seen thousands of images of it though throughout your lifetime, but there are parts of Zion that are off the beaten path that you don’t see very often. And this is one of them.


It was taken not far off of Kolob Terrace road, near the trailhead to the Wildcat trail, or the trailhead to the Subway for those of you who’ve hiked it.

The area is simply stunning, and more so because you know few have been there, primarily due to the fact that there is no designated trail, you simply have to bushwhack it for a few until you reach it. The views that are offered are intense. You’ll look down into the Subway’s canyon, and beyond to the peaks above.

There are some very interesting rock structures here as well that make for an even better experience. All in all hiking in southern Utah offers many places like this, places that will both shock and inspire you. Places that you don’t see photos of very often.

And that’s what we love about southern Utah travel, you just never know what you’re going to get. And there’s always a reason to come back because no matter how many times you’ve come, you’ve just scratched the surface.

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