Incredible Zion National Park

Posted by Clay Hunter
Categories: Zion National Park

Is it bad to have favorites? Because if it is then I’m in pretty big trouble because Zion National Park is definitely my favorite! With images like these how could it not be? This was taken from the Narrows of Zion, one of the most popular hikes within Zion. Canyon Walls by Christine Alfano on […]

Windows into Zion

Posted by travelwest
Categories: Things to do in Southern Utah, Zion National Park

Zion is vast, sitting at 229 sq miles. So most of it you’ll never see. You’ve seen thousands of images of it though throughout your lifetime, but there are parts of Zion that are off the beaten path that you don’t see very often. And this is one of them. It was taken not far […]

Lake Powell Blob

Posted by Clay Hunter
Categories: Places to See, Southern Utah Videos

What a killer video of people getting launched off of a blob at Lake Powell Utah. I’ve actually been off of a blob, and it’s every bit as fun as it looks. Although I do have to admit it can hurt every bit as much as it looks. Would you?

Amazing Video of Bryce Canyon National Park

Posted by Clay Hunter
Categories: Bryce Canyon National Park

This is just a great video of Bryce Canyon National Park that highlights in a way most others don’t, the tremendous beauty that is offered here. The scenery combined with hiking trails make for a great combination. The video shows you specifically the Navajo Loop and Queens Garden hiking trails that are the more popular […]

From Canyonlands National Park

Posted by Clay Hunter
Categories: Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park next to Moab Utah is one of my favorite parks in all of Utah. That’s hard to say because the competition is so great with Zion and Bryce so close. But with images like this it’s easier to see what it is about Canyonlands that is so enthralling to me. Those sheer […]

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