Taylor Creek in Kolob Canyon

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Have you had a chance to visit the Kolob Canyon section of Zion National Park? It’s at a bit of a different spot than the regular section of Zion. To access the main part of Zion you go through Carmel Canyon or Springdale, whereas to access Kolob Canyon you access it right from I 15 in-between Cedar City and St George.

One of my favorite leisurely stroll hikes is found within Kolob and it’s called Taylor Creek. The hike itself has very little uphill but does require you to walk through water a fair amount, never very high but water nonetheless.


As you can see from the images it will offer much in the way of beauty. You’ll descend and then walk through two of the five fingers on your journey to the alcove where you’ll be greeted with a view of the double arches. It’s quite amazing to see two arches forming on top of each other.

The end of the hike (this is also the trail that takes you to Hop Valley and Kolob Arch, but those are a few miles away from here), is a great place to sit down and have some lunch. It really is just a beautiful and peaceful place and a fun place to just look up in wonder at what’s forming above you.

taylor creek

I also enjoy this hike because you kind of see two different canyons, one on the way in, and a different one of the way out. You’ll quickly see things on the way out that you didn’t notice while hiking towards the alcove. And there’s just something amazing about hiking through those massive red canyon walls.

If you go during the spring you’re sometimes greeted with falling waterfalls from these same canyon walls, which makes for an even greater adventure. And if you go during the fall you’ll be able to see the changing leaves in all their glory as you hike along the trail.

Truly Taylor Creek in Zion is one of our favorite hikes than nearly everyone can do. It only should take you 3 – 5 hours of back and forth hiking to get there, and once you do you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see.

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