Mountain Biking in Southern Utah

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There are so many wonderful mountain bike trails in southern Utah. For those looking for that incredible rush of a downhill ride, to those just looking for a leisurely stroll down a paved trail. From Gooseberry Mesa near Hurricane, to the Green Valley loop in St George, there are options available to almost anyone wanting to go mountain biking in southern Utah.

This picture is actually take from a paved trail along of Highway 19 that heads from St George to Dammeron Valley. This is the Snow Canyon overlook that can be found along this trail.

Mountain Biking in Southern Utah

If you’re looking for a mildly difficult paved trail to bike then this is your trail. If you go from the bottom up you’ll encounter some steep inclines, but these make for an exciting return ride. You’ll start at the Chuckwalla trailhead (you can start anywhere you’d like really, but that’s where we started), and then head up the trail towards Snow Canyon. You’ll pass several popular rock climbing places along the way, and you’ll see red rock mountain monuments that will beckon you to stop riding and go exploring, but don’t! There’s more to see up the path.

After cresting the slight hill you’ll be riding next to the beautiful Snow Canyon to the west. Snow Canyon is one of the hidden jewels of southern Utah. The massive red and white mountain’s that are part of this state park are hard to beat. It is best to ride it in morning or the evening, this will give you the best temperatures, as well as the best colors from the canyon as well. If you hit it just right during a famous southern Utah sunset, then the red rocks of Snow Canyon State Park will almost glow in the distance, absolutely beautiful.

As you continue up the trail you’ll path through the Ledges subdivision, and then just a little ways past this you’ll find the Snow Canyon Overlook; which is just a little ways off of the paved trail. The views that you’ll witness from here are amazing, this picture actually doesn’t do it justice as it only incorporates about half of Snow Canyon itself.

On your ride back down from the overlook, you’ll be greeted with a vast expanse of the entire Washington valley. With Snow Canyon on your right and the southern hills to the south, you’ll realize how lucky you are to experience this awesome place and to be mountain biking in southern Utah.

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