Arches Kids


Arches has several many short trails perfect for kids, as well as interesting exhibits and videos at the visitor center.


Arches offers a Junior Ranger Program for children ages six through eleven. The free booklet includes several fun acitivities that may be completed during a visit. Booklets are available at the visitor center.

Hey Kids!

Tired of just sitting in the car, looking at that stuff adults call scenery? Do you want to know more about Arches and help protect the park?

Then the Junior Ranger program is for you!

If you are between the ages of six and twelve, and you are planning to spend at least one day in Arches, pick up a Junior Ranger booklet at the visitor center.

You must complete several activities in the booklet, like word games, drawings and fill-in-the-blanks about why you shouldn't chase or catch lizards. You must also gather a bag of litter or bring twenty aluminum cans to be recycled and attend a ranger program or watch the slide program at the visitor center.

It's that simple!

Once you're finished, you can pick up your badge at the visitor center.

Becoming a Junior Ranger is a serious and important task, but it's lots of fun too! Check it out!

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