Springdale Utah Hotels

As a major tourist destination, Springdale offers many lodging options. From bed & breakfasts to campgrounds, you'll find a place to stay that best matches your taste. If you plan to visit Springdale more than once a year, you can even tailor your lodging selection to the time of year. For instance, you can camp at a campground during the summer while enjoying the warmth of a hotel room during the winter.

Hotels & Motels

In Springdale you will have many hotel and motel choices. Amenities like cable or satellite TV, balconies, in-house dining options, and pools are commonly offered. Rates vary from modest fees per day to upwards of $250 per day.

After a long day of hiking, biking, or canyoneering, you will enjoy coming back to your room to relax. The hotel or motel staff members are also knowledgeable about what to do and where to eat in the area. For further convenience, many hotels and motels are on the Zion National Park Shuttle route.

Springdale Hotels & East Zion Hotels (0-5 Miles)

St. George Hotels & Others West of Zion (0 - 40 Miles)

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