Springdale Hiking

The Springdale area is a hiker's paradise as there are many trails of varying lengths and difficulty levels showcasing the picturesque scenery. Even if you aren't a hardcore hiker, you will appreciate the chance to see the impressive landmarks that make Springdale and Zion National Park famous. For instance, the Weeping Rock Trail in Zion Canyon is an easy, half-mile hike that leads to hanging gardens from a rock alcove. The five-mile Angels Landing trail offers more excitement along with a strenuous climb with a 1,500 foot drop-off towards the end.

People also come to Zion National Park each year to hike in its famous narrows - a truly untraditional hiking option. Please note that you need good, sturdy shoes as you will be hiking in creek beds.

Also be aware that these narrow canyons are dangerous when it rains nearby because of the threat of flash floods. Many companies in Springdale rent and sell hiking equipment. Please see our page about Zion National Park for a more detailed description of hiking in the park.

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