Bryce Canyon Brian Head

You can ski in the desert - as odd as that may seem. Despite what many may think, the Bryce Canyon National region does get some snow. Snowmobiling and cross country skiing are popular within a close proximity of the national park. Downhill skiing is enjoyed each year a little further away in Brian Head.

Skiing near Bryce CanyonPinewoods Resort Snowmobiling

In winter this high plateau offers the most reliable snow and longest season in the Southwest United States. Its hills and valleys provide the ultimate in diverse terrain and scenic beauty. The endless meadows become playgrounds and the logging roads and forest trails provide corridors to numerous exciting scenic destinations.

Brian Head, Utah

Our winters are splendid, with about 450 inches of light Utah powder decorating the spruce, pine and fir trees and providing more than enough snow for winter sport activities. BRIAN HEAD - We're far enough away to be a vacation, but close enough to be in your own backyard.

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