The Wave

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Have you ever had the chance to visit the Wave in southeast Utah, it sits right next to Lake Powell. It is one of the hardest hikes to get into actually as they only allow about 20 people a day go in to see it. Luckily I’ve been one of the few who’ve been able to see it.

As beautiful as these images are, they fall short of doing it justice. The Wave is just an incredible place that will amaze even the most strident cynic. It’s not very large, in fact once you arrive you’ll won’t walk more than 100 yards back and forth through it. Yet you’ll find yourself standing in shock at how something like this could have been made.

If you ever get the chance to see it, do it. If you want to make the chance, then you’ll have to get in line, and get in line early.

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Clay Hunter is an outdoor evangelist. He's spent considerable time in the outdoors cayoneering, hiking, backpacking and river rafting. He counts himself incredibly lucky to have had the chance to experience much of southern and eastern Utah through his travels.

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