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Winter always comes with a freezing temperature, and that will not change. But the cold weather shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the outdoors and staying active. Or traveling to southern Utah either. There’s more to do than just sit at home with the heater on during winter. Zion National park is still very much accessible during winter and a fantastic place to visit. There are plenty of spots to go hiking and camping near St George Utah that should beckon you as well. All in all you can still travel to Utah for outdoor activities during winter.

Photo Credit: Zion National Park

The following are some tips on how you can stay active even when it’s too cold outside:

  1. Go For a Walk – Walking is a very good kind of exercise and if you do it with a friend, it becomes a very enjoyable activity as well. Make sure you wear warm clothes, a hat and your most comfortable walking shoes. You can just walk around your neighborhood or you can check out walking trails if you really want to walk seriously.
  2. Help a Neighbor – If you see your neighbor shoveling snow in their yard, and you are done with yours, offering help is a good idea. The whole activity can even turn into a fun bonding moment with families getting involved. The finale could be all of you sipping hot chocolate and looking at the yard you all helped to clean up.
  3. Snow Shoe – nothing beats snow shoeing when it comes to family winter adventure. If your kids do not have snow shoes, you can rent them. Then off you go and start trekking around the neighborhood. Do not forget to bring water to keep you and your kids from being dehydrated.
  4. Play Outside – Encourage everyone to get up from bed or the couch and head outside. This is the best time to build snowmen and to make snow angels.
  5. Ski – Skiing is fun, but if you do not know how to, you can always learn. Check out ski resorts near your place and inquire about ski lessons that you can go into with your kids.
  6. Join a Holiday Fun Run – It is also a good idea to join in an activity that your whole family can participate in. Fun run activities are the best because you can go as slow or as fast as you can and you will surely have a good time. Kids even enjoy these activities because they get to meet new friends. You can finish the day with a celebration meal afterwards.
  7. Go for a Winter Picnic – You can do this in your own backyard or you can go somewhere else. The important thing is that you do not forget the hotdogs and the marshmallows for roasting – and the equipment for roasting too (firewood, matches and the grill)
  8. Sled – One of the most favorite winter family activities is sledding. It is definitely a magical and fun way to enjoy the snow in your own yard. You can make your own sled or you can always buy one.
  9. Create Snow Art - All that while around you deserve some colors. You can make a wonderful artwork around you just by filling up some bottles with colored water. Once you have splashed the colors, you will be amazed at how wonderful snow can be if they are colored.
  10. Go Ice Skating – If there is an ice skating rink near your place, you should head out there. Your kids will surely love you for suggesting that activity.

It may be hard to ask your family to get out during winter, but if you give up, all of you will be stuck inside the house with almost nothing to do. You have to let your kids know that some exercises are needed to keep their bodies fit and healthy, and the cold season shouldn’t prevent all of you from enjoying some outdoor activities. You do not actually have to go away, you can always just stick around your neighborhood.

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