Snow Canyon Overlook Hike

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There’s a hike just a little north west of St George called the Snow Canyon Overlook, or for some the trail really is the Red Mountain Trail. The Red Mountain Trail is the trail you’re on for 90% of the hike, whereas the last part is a branch off to the Snow Canyon Overlook.

The trail is easy to find and easy to follow, and as you can see offers some of the better views you can find in all of southern Utah. In fact you’ll feel a little guilty getting there because usually being rewarded with a view like this requires bushwacking through desolate wilderness for a few hours. Not this one, the trail is clearly marked, it’s quite easy, and it’s very rewarding.

red mountain trail

For those of you who have spent time in Snow Canyon State Park, you’ll see a whole other side of Snow Canyon that you just plain have never seen before. The part of the canyon you’ve visited is very small actually, and comprised mostly of red and orange rocks. You just plain haven’t looked north to see the massive white canyon walls that encapsolate all of Snow Canyon. So if you hike this trial you’ll do what most do, you’ll look for what you know, a point in the distance of a place you’ve been. And as you do you’ll be surprised with how vast the canyon really is, and how little of it you’ve seen.

That’s what I love most about the Red Mountain Trail. You realize that although you’ve seen a lot and hiked in some cool places near St George, you’ve never known the vastness of that little park that sits just outside of St George.

If you’re looking to hike it just drive up Highway 18 heading towards Enterprise Utah. You’ll pass the north entrance of Snow Canyon and continue heading north. Just before you get into Dameron Valley you’ll see a sign on the road for Red Mountain Trail, and a parking lot will be on your left (on the south side of Hyw 18). Then you’ll see the trailhead and be on your way. There’s only one fork in the trail that you need to be aware of, and there’s a sign there that points the way to Snow Canyon Overlook.

That’s all you need to know, it’s that easy. It’s short as well, depending on your speed it should take you about an hour one way to reach it.

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