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There are few places I love more than Zion Canyon, the hikes, the canyons, the rappels, the atmosphere; all of it I just love. People are so happy and pleasant when they’re there, even just sitting down to get some pizza at Flying Monkey, or some pie from Bumbleberry Inn, people are just happy to be there.

Maybe it’s those canyon walls that seem to make everything seem a little more intimate as you’re there, or maybe it’s the fact that if you’re there you aren’t at work! I don’t know what it is, but I love it.

The same can be said of the hiking trails in Zion, when you’re on them people are often so happy to be there and to see what you’re seeing, it’s almost like a brotherhood of sorts. Like when you’re working your way up Angels Landing, it’s a grueling hike at times, so when you reach the summit you certainly have something in common with those who are there.

Last time I hiked the Subway in Zion we found ourselves eating lunch on some rocks soaking in the sun (we had gone in April so the water was less than warm, so needless to say the sun was a welcome companion on this trip). As we were there another group came up on us and immediately friendships were formed. Soon we were exchanging lunch items with each other and laughing about our “bravery” or “stupidity” of hiking the Subway in April. But it was a fun time, one that I won’t soon forget.

These kind of stories and things happen all the time in Zion, on her hiking trails, on her sidewalks, on her river (the virgin river); it really is something that adds to the greatness of this park and why so many people are fond of it.

So take a trip, take a hike and have a great time in one of the best places on earth, Zion National Park. It will both thrill and delight even the most hard to please among you.

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Clay Hunter is an outdoor evangelist. He's spent considerable time in the outdoors cayoneering, hiking, backpacking and river rafting. He counts himself incredibly lucky to have had the chance to experience much of southern and eastern Utah through his travels.

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