Hiking The Subway in Zion National Park

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The Subway in Zion National Park is one of the most famous hikes in all of southern Utah. In fact it has made it’s way onto several national lists for being one of the best hikes in the entire country as well. And there are a lot of reasons for this, mainly because it offers so much beyond just a simple hike, to see something amazing.

The descent into the canyon is rapid and dramatic, but offers towering red canyon walls, flanked by stark white towers standing right next to them. Hopefully your knees are in good shape because the descent will require you holding yourself back as you drop into the canyon.


Once in the canyon there are several places where you’ll be required to swim. Some of them you’ll be able to circumvent if you’re a little adventurous, but some are not possible to skip. The canyon closes in and creates some pretty little waterfalls that are fun to play in and see. The rock formations that you’ll wander through are like none other. You’ll see little slivers of perfectly formed creek slots, and then you’ll come around the bend and be treated to the amazing view that is The Subway in Zion National Park. The actual subway part of the hike is very small, you’ll only be there for a 100 yards or so, but rest assured the cascading waterfalls that you’ll encounter next as the canyon opens up are without a doubt worth seeing. In fact you’ll have seen them from pictures many times before, and now you know where they took them from.

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