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Stunning Landscapes of Capital Reef National Park

Posted by Clay Hunter
Categories: Places to See, Southern Utah Travel

Have you had a chance to visit Capital Reef National Park? This pictures begin to showcase the stunning landscapes of the park that will greet you upon arrival. It offers much to those who are willing to take the time to come and visit this national treasure. Photo Credit: Bruce Tuten It’s a smaller park […]

Incredible Zion

Posted by Clay Hunter
Categories: Places to See, Zion National Park

Here’s a beautiful photo of Zion Canyon National Park. It showcases how immensely beautiful this place is and why it draws so many people every year to it. Cottonwood Alcove by Jordan Ek on 500px There is simply so much to do in southern Utah when you come to visit. From hiking the narrows to […]

Mountain Biking in Bryce

Posted by Clay Hunter
Categories: Activities, Places to See

If you’re the mountain biking type then this video will hit the spot. How fun would it be to ride along the rim, to mountain bike Bryce Canyon? I think the real fear or danger would be getting preoccupied with the view and then finding yourself heading straight over the handlebars. The risk is worth […]

Reason #8 Southern Utah Rules – Lake Powell House Boats

Posted by Clay Hunter
Categories: Places to See

If you haven’t been to Lake Powell to go wakeboarding, water-skiing or just camping; then you haven’t lived. It is truly an epic place to go motor boating. The canyon walls that frame the endless waters are magnificent. And the beaches that can be found for miles and miles along the shoreline are what entice […]

Hiking the Subway Video

Posted by Clay Hunter
Categories: Places to See, Southern Utah Videos, Zion National Park

Have you had the chance to hike the Subway? Here’s a cool video of a group of friends hiking the Subway. The Subway’s a hike found in Zion National Park, that offers some of the most exciting and at times most challenging canyons to traverse in all of Zion. The descent itself is dramatic and […]

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