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Among the league of the beautiful Utah National Parks, some of the parks have successfully managed to gain more reputation than others and are well known for their natural beauties. If you take a keen look into some of the most famous parks in this region, most of the very popular parks have very unique features and characteristics that distinguish them from other parks, and earn them the respect and fame which they enjoy. However, the whole Utah experience is so overwhelming that some visitors to the park, (especially first-timers with no guides) may be too satisfied viewing the regular sites of the parks which they visit, while failing to catch a feel of the most amazing arenas. It is therefore very important to carry out extensive research before venturing into a Utah adventure.


Capitol Reef National Park is a very prominent park around Utah, which welcomes thousands of visitors and tourists from all over the world. Visitors to Capitol Reef are treated to a bouquet of beautiful scenarios and Exciting adventures. However, your visit to Capitol Reef would be almost incomplete without a drive through the park’s scenic drive. Capitol Reef Scenic Drive is an exciting drive through the center of the park, which provides an eagle’s eye view of some of the most exciting natural formations within the park, or makes use of the guides who are at your service.

There is always a price for beauty, so you must pay a token park fee in order to have legal permission to put your wheels on the Scenic Drive road, which is definitely going to be one of the most exciting driving and or riding trips you would ever experience. The road is well paved and can be easily traversed by virtually any type vehicle, so you do not have to worry about getting a 4×4 vehicle or any special All Terrain Vehicle before having your share of the road fun, as your normal daily use vehicle would do the job just fine. Some visitors even prefer to walk their way through Utah’s Scenic Drive in order to enjoy the beautiful scenario in a more personal way. However, if you decide to use your vehicle or ATV, make occasional stops within the trip to gain the same experience.

The fun kick starts at the Visitor Center, where you can grab a road guide to direct you along this Scenic ride as you traverse the routes of Utah’s Scenic Drive. You can also watch documentaries and learn more about the park in the Visitors Center, before embarking on the journey. As you begin rolling your wheels or treading the Scenic Drive, you would almost immediately see reason why the road had to be named that way.

A short drive into the road will lead to beautiful and historically rich fruit orchards that were first created as early as the beginning of the 19th century, by the first visitors to the area. These pioneer visitors lived happily in settlements which are today called “Fruita” where they survived mainly on the crops and fruits which the planted. Most parts of this area is been protected, because they hold valuable relics. Further along the drive is the Gifford Homestead which was a common farmhouse in Utah, around the 1900s. This historic farmhouse has rich display of some of the traditional home made equipments.

Famous locations such as Grand Wash and Cassidy Arch can be reached by a deviation from the park around midway into the trip. The drive literally ends at the end of the paved road. However an unpaved route continues down to Capitol Gorge, which also offers a lot of hiking adventures.

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